7 step to Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Mindset

1. Start with a DREAM.
–> To make a great dream come true, You must first have a great dream..

We have to have a dream about something, be it a TRADING, a MANUFACTURING, a SERVICE business, or JUST ANYTHING we want to start with. Be it tiny, small, Big, GIANT, simple, complex,… whatever… START FROM there. Something you love, something  you are obsessed with. PASSION is everything.

–> Perfection is in the detail.

Your products, competitors, specifications, FINANCIAL NEEDS, how to sell, whom to sell to, what pricing is the best, how better are you from your competitor, your location, plus millions of the detail that you SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.

–> Seeks ADVICE, but FOLLOW your OWN BELIEF.

Consult your PARENTS, ex-boss, consultants, ASK the experts, the trusted friends, your NETWORK, but in the end you must FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEART.The final war is on your own, ask and seek advice but YOU are the ONE THAT REALLY COUNTS, the final decision is yours. Very often the advice from the experts are true and helpful, MODIFY your dream if necessary, but finally IT IS YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAR and you are the one that can makes the DIFFERENCE.

4. PREPARE your WAR.
–> Time for the final preparation.

Look for the funding, MONEY is everywhere ;), you can ask it, borrow it, make partnership, etc. Make plans, conatct your supplier to be, your customers to be, and most important call your FRIENDS. Do a PLAN A, PLAN B, escape plan, etc. Start HIRING the best your money can do, look for location that suits you, your company name, legal matters etc etc… just prepare EVERYTHING in detail

5. GUTs, taking the CALCULATED Risk.
–> No GUTs, No Glory!

Every business is about RISK TAKING, it can be small, it can be big, there is always risk in our lifes, and the very essence about Entrepreneurship is RISK TAKING. We have to estimately know that there is big chance of success, then we start off.

–> The time is NOW!

Unperfection in a life is common, we set our deadline, and when it comes, we just have to GO DO IT. There will be changes, bending directions, firing, new partners etc, but the things JUST HAVE TO BE DONE, and it is better to do it wrong the first time than NOT DOING IT AT ALL.

–> When the TITANIC sank. You just have to be able to deal with FAILURES.

There is always risk of failures and it did happen, so be prepare for the WORST and keep HOPING for the best. When failures hits us, it is time to think again bout our ventures. Bent our operation, compromise something, dream again, plan again, do again, failures again, AD INVINITUM. Accept FAILURES but do not surrender. Go back to No.1, DREAM again, LEARN again, ASK around, PLAN, DO IT AGAIN!

***** Luck = Preparation meeting Opportunity *****


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