Golf and Business

One day, me and two friends playing golf in Cilangkap Golf Course – East Jakarta. In the green, while we never play together before, my friend Yanuar said: “In golf, you will see yourself”. A sentence that full of philosophy.

Yes, when you swing and hit the ball, then the ball run wide into left or right green or drop into a bunker, you will meet a problem here. You can put your ball into a nicer lie when no one is watching. But it is utterly, utterly unacceptable to do this. Cheaters are shunned, and word of their perfidy spreads quickly. You destruct yourself by that. A good golfer will give themself a penalty when they accidentally move their ball, they call a penalty on themselves—even if no one would have noticed, and even if it means they lose the tournament and a fortune in prize money.

One of the most strength in this sport (thanks to the handicap system), people of widely differing abilities can compete against each other. This makes the game more fun. Though some weaselly types abuse the system by deliberately losing to clients.

Every golfer know that everyone is unique. There’s no player have the same style, there’s no player have the same skill. In fact, golf can be played by almost everyone. Same as business, demand yourself to be better day after day. We can hit the ball based on our direction, in a place that makes more easy to us to hit next. Good start will be made a good result.

Businessmen understand how to play in their competition. Business is a competition, competition with our self to build a good character more and more. The real competition after conquered ourself, we’ll see a big jungle of business. That’s why we need to play honest and learning quick from every situation. This is why golf and business have a tied connection.

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