Lowongan Programmer di Luar Negeri

Halo teman-teman, ini ada beberapa Lowongan Programmer di Luar Negeri dan kemungkinan masih banyak. Untuk fasilitas nantinya akan diurusin oleh rekan-rekan yang ada di Swedia. Yang tertarik, silahkan hubungi javajkt@gmail.com ya:)

Software Engineer | Helsinki, Finland
Code: JAVN013

A company that manipulates real-time vessel performance data to reduce fuel consumption and pollution emissions is looking for a Java Software Engineer to join its team in Helsinki, to help make a difference within the energy management industry. The organisation is one of the fastest growing software companies in Finland.

The successful candidate will be well versed in front-end Java technology like HTML5 and CSS3, with at least 2 years’ experience in their field. Knowledge of Java-based Vaadin, NoSQL and/or MongoDB is also a must for this position. Employees are rewarded with the opportunity to work with the world’s largest and the most advanced pieces of engineering.

More specifically, the Software Engineer will combine their solid Java skills and know-how with machine learning, map reducing and distributed computing to optimize the way today’s ships are operated. The role will also implement graphical user interfaces to be used by ship crews and shipping companies’ staff.

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Java Consultant | Oslo, Norway
Code: JAVN018

Java Consultant required for a leading open source service company that specialises in deploying and developing mature, open platforms for the integration and development of systems, security solutions and Business Intelligence.

Consultants must come from a strong development background and have 4+ years’ experience (ideally in open source) tackling complicated technical issues. The role will primarily be responsible for analysis, design, coding, code review, business requirements identification / specification and ensuring projects adhere to best practices.

______________________________ _________

Integration Architect | Oslo, Norway
Code: JAVN019

An independent consultancy and technology provider delivering integration middleware and expert services within IT strategy, enterprise architecture, BPM and SOA is looking to hirean experienced Integration Architect. Over 4 years’ experience working in a similar role is required and familiarity with process optimisation (BPM, TQM, Lean), integration and middleware (JEE, Mule, jBoss, ESB), and open source frameworks (Spring or Hibernate) is highly desired.

The work itself involves challenging and demanding projects that has the potential to help shape the company’s future.

______________________________ _________

Java Developers / Java Consultants / Java Architects | Oslo, Norway
Code: JAVN015

One of Europe’s largest IT consulting companies, with more than 40 years of experience and prestigious clients, including Norway’s Ministry of Defence, Government Pension Fund and Customs and Excise. The organization (comprising of over 20,000 employees and operating across 16 countries) is now looking for Java specialists to join its elite team in Oslo, including Java Developers, Java Consultants and Java Architects.

Java Developers – Over 3 years of extensive technical experience is a must for this role, this should include work as a system developer based on Java / JEE, Core Java, Front-end, Java frameworks (Spring, Hibernate). A broad experience base is advantageous as candidates will be expected to work with a wide range of technologies. Employees will contribute to projects throughout Norway, from requirements analysis to inception to production setting. Please note fluent Norwegian is required for this role.

Java Consultants – Applications require at least 4 years of experience within professional Java development (JEE, JMS, JMX and more). A working knowledge of OOD and database design with SQL is advantageous, as is experience with Hibernate, JUnit and test driven development. The Java Consultant will help a dedicated team to understand the requirements of, and deliver, an industry leading product which is capable of managing millions of complex decisions.

Java Architects – Need at least 6 years of experience with Java development, 2 years of proven experience in architectural work based on Java / JEE and a university degree in Computer Science or an equivalent field. This position is most appropriate for candidates who are enthused by application and integration architecture. The successful application will be good at communication with customers, partners and colleagues while also performing hands-on development without losing sight of the overall project.

______________________________ _________

Integration Architect | Oslo, Norway
Code: JAVN017

A Norwegian consultancy and consulting company providing expertise services in integration and architecture is looking for an Integration Architect to strengthen its team in Oslo. More specifically, the company welcomes applications from Senior Consultants who have extensive experience with various forms of integration (ideally working with SOA and BPM within the business sphere).

Due to the nature of the role experience with larger integration tools (Tibco, webMethods, SAP XI, Oracle Fusion Middleware), Open Source and/or Big Data solutions is highly desirable. The successful candidate will likely come from a larger consulting environment and be seeking a more dedicated role. In terms of responsibilities, the Integration Architect will participate in architectural solution choices, advice IT management on options and help meet delivery deadlines by proactively contributing to projects.

______________________________ ________

Front-End Product Developer | Stockholm, Sweden
Code: JAVN022

A not-for-profit organisation that operates a number of charities throughout Europe is looking for a talented Front-End Product Developer to join their team of experts in Stockholm. Candidates require at least 3 years’ experience as a Java Front-End Developer, ideally using the latest methodologies and working with open source technology. Strong command of web standards, CSS-based design, object-oriented Javascript and client-side scripting frameworks (Backbone, Ember, Angular, Coffeescript) is helpful and desired.

______________________________ _______

LAMP Developer | Oslo, Norway
Code: JAVN016

A Scandinavian company that delivers business and interactive consulting services for private and public companies is looking for an experienced LAMP developer. Candidate need at least 3 or more years of experience working with LAMP and front-end technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. LAMP Developers from a Big Data and mobile background will be at an advantage for this role. The successful candidate will provide solutions within both web development and apps for tablets and smartphones.

______________________________ _________

Mobile Developers / Software Developers | Helsinki, Finland
Code: JAVN014

Leader in Wi-Fi based RTLS / RFID tracking solutions, business intelligence and professional Wi-Fi planning tools is searching for talented Mobile Developers and Senior Developers to build the strength of their team at their Helsinki site. Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to add real value to industry-leading products.

Mobile Developers – Will be comfortable with iOS or Android and have a strong grounding in Java (at least 2+ years of hands-on experience). Successful candidates will be working alongside technology experts to help improve the mobility of the company’s patented core technology. The company fosters a strong work culture that encourages innovative and creative problem solving.

Senior Developers – Require 4+ years of Java development experience, primarily with pure Java and working with closures. Familiarity with Wi-Fi systems is a plus, but not mandatory. Software Developers will work within R&D to produce products that will be used by hundreds of thousands of people to create and maintain better networks. Lastly, knowledge of agile and extreme programming methods is advantageous but not mandatory.

______________________________ _________

Integration Architect | Oslo, Norway
Code: JAVN021

An independent consultancy and technology provider delivering integration middleware and expert services within IT strategy, enterprise architecture, BPM and SOA is looking to hire an experienced Integration Architect. Over 4 years’ experience working in a similar role is required and familiarity with process optimization (BPM, TQM, Lean), integration and middleware (JEE, Mule, jBoss, ESB), and open source frameworks (Spring or Hibernate) is highly desired. The work itself involves challenging and demanding projects that has the potential to help shape the company’s future.

______________________________ _________

Java Developer / Java Consultant / Java Architect / Stockholm, Sweden
Code: JAVN020

A renowned IT consulting firm with over 40 employees that offers expertise in agile systems on modern platforms (with a focus on finance, media, retail and telecom) is looking for the very best Java Consultants, Developers and Architects to join their young and dynamics team in Stockholm. The company hand picks its specialists using some of the toughest engineering tests in the industry and has built a strong business community with ‘low-to-no’ employee turnover and an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

Java Developers – A minimum of 2 years as a professional Java developer and some knowledge of Scala and Groovy is required for this role. Agile development methodology and passion for high quality code is a must. Ideally, candidates will share an enthusiasm for open source, Maven, Git, NoSQL and other cutting-edge Java related technologies. The successful application will apply their system development skills to create tangible business benefits for a number of clients.

Java Consultants – Applicants will command a comprehensive knowledge of Java that has been honed within a consultant role for at least four years. Knowledge of working with Agile methodologies and modern frameworks, like Spring and Hibernate, is essential. Consultants will be working with elite Java colleagues to complete challenging and stimulating assignment for a major client in central Stockholm. An interest in Scala, Groovy and Ruby is highly advantageous.

Java Architects – Candidates need to be hands-on and actively driving the development of their projects forward. At least 8 years of professional development is required and, beyond determining how a system should be built, Java Architects will be responsible for supporting and training other developers in the project. Knowledge of Scala and Groovy is highly desirable, and Agile development methodologies should be second nature to the candidate (ideal candidates can also perform the role of ScrumMaster).

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