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Playing Golf
Playing Golf

Hello, my name is Kika Syafii. You may call me with Kika or maybe Syafii, it’s up to you. I run a digital agency company in here in Jakarta, some friends call me as an entrepreneur too. I play golf, but I’m not a professional golfer, just love to play and happy enjoying golf.

In year 2009, this blog is about book review, my business and my inspiration. From now on you will read any of my articles about golf. Hope you will know about golf and start to ask me for play together :), it will be FUN.

You know, the business and golf are connected. It has a huge relationship between golf and business. Golf has entire philosophy of a business. From the swing building until putting the ball in the hole, there’s so much business philosophy.

But I’m not good in philosophy, so it much better if you try it by yourself. Do you want me to play with you, send me a message or call me :).

This blog content are about my book review, my golf journey and also entrepreneurship. Hope we can be friend here in online and offline too. Let’s try to learn about this life together.

Oh wait, do you want to see my business portfolio? Go check this site www.alurkria.com or you can visit this page and this page.

Thank you.

“Everybody is unique, so do you”.

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