5 Rules to Design an E-commerce

Some of designer said that layout is the most important thing to design. Now a day layout no longer most matter to complete the design. Because in these days ecommerce design growing fast, where the design has a clear purpose is the important thing. An -Ecommerce should sell the product.And its deliver to the right customer segment.

First of all, an e-commerce website should sell the products to the visitors, so to be successful you need traffic; a good job to make a layout attracts the attention of the visitors. Here comes the first major rule of creating a good e-commerce website;

The Rules;
1. Design should be match with the products
– reflect the main features of the seller- fine color scheme- Good imaging- Combining the taste
2. Emphazise the products
– presences not only the content- put the products in the spotlight and using a lot of text and images
3. High Quality Images
The relevant images, showing many perspectives!
4. Usability and accessibility
– Design should help the customers- The layout are easy to use and access
5. The Navigation Menu
– Tell the customers where they are- Attract them and make them do more browsing

See below my presentations http://www.slideshare.net/

I made this presentation as a teaching guide at Institut Teknologi Indonesia, Serpong. And taken from many sources.


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