Download Wireframe Sitemap for Ecommerce

What it Wireframe? It is a picture frame that useful as a blueprint (blue print) when will create a website or design. By using wireframe, we can tell how the flow of the desired website and how the website will appear.

Use of this wireframe becomes very important because it will make it easier for web developers and designers to build the desired website. With this, we can describe the function, behavior and priorities of the content. A very important part in the development of the website either small or large scale.

Build a website with past the wireframe and headed straight into the design will often make it difficult for web developers and designers themselves. With wireframe then measures the web designers and programmers will be more systematic and efiesien early. Without it will take a lot of time design, web flow is less obvious and one inter-personal communication is involved.

Wireframing or create a wireframe can avoid these fatal mistakes, can overcome anything if there is a bad case even replace the layout design when needed. With wireframe and sitemap good, can eliminate the things that do not need to be on top.

It also could be a bridge to the strategy and objectives in making the website. Indonesian clients use to be using phrase that “We want like this”, could be a great backfire one day. So with this sitemap wireframe every mistakes can be avoided.

As a designer in, I often create a wireframe when will build a website, this way I would be able to explain everything to the client. Please download wireframe that I created for web ecommerce.

Stay creative.

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