At the opposite of the road there will be a new competitor who sell similar goods with you with a cheaper price; brilliant Idea you have copied someone else; Orang2 no longer willing to buy your products, new technology has made your job no longer useful, and so on.
That’s life and business. What makes us successful is no longer used to make us successful today. Technological change, customers change, trends change, times change. Those who would never succeed, captured by the convenience and no longer have a fighting spirit as ever when he was just starting a business.

“Starting”, or “Start”, is not just do something, but do something new, which we never did, who are at risk of failing. And we do it with passion, with optimism and a sense of responsibility.

Fix a bit of what we’ve always done will not jump on our business solutions. Improvements need to be, but “breakthrough” or breakthrough is absolute, if we want to remain at the vanguard of the increasingly severe business competition is.

Failure is a badge, a token of appreciation because we have to try and prove something that can not. We must be frugal in the “resources”, but we still have to dare to try, and dare to fail. And try again.

Starbucks begins selling coffee beans from the store without selling coffee drinks so; Viagra started as a heart drug; Nokia sells paper; so much success begins with the decree anything very different with the end result. But all have in common. It all started with someone starting something new.

When we start something, not sure it will be successful, and very possibly the result different from our initial cita2, certainly we have ventured into the possibility of success.

When do we start something new? The best time is the “Back”. “Soon” still not as good as “Now”. Let’s start now, we promise to always dare to “start” something new in our lives. Salam began.

* Tanadi Santoso, Surabaya, 8 May 2011

* Idea gained from a new book of small lightweight Seth Godin: “Poke of The Box”

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