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In Online media, these days increasingly filled with innovation and creativity. Costs can be cheaper or even free for advertisers increasingly attract the attention of many people to market their products through online marketing. Plus, with this online marketing, marketing can reach a wider and far (worldwide). Because of the nature of the internet that does not have borders or distance.

To market the product in the online world, you can use free sites that will spur the visit of many (potential) customers to your site or company private. Here are some free sites that can be used to market products online;

1. Facebook

Almost everyone who knew the internet would know facebook. As a worldwide sites, facebook become an easy place to market their products online and free. On Facebook there are Page (page) that can be used as a place to gather or collect a lot of people, both aimed at the same or sporadic. There are also an Apps Facebook, a special screen to create external applications such as games or Fans Page. Besides that, facebook also provides a special page (the market) such as Market Place. Each user can easily enter and sell their products in accordance with the categories provided.

2. Twitter

It’s a social media sites that are very cool model. With twitter, you can market the product in a way that is more subtle. Because BASED twitter more on how you babbling (retwit) there. Many users who do not like the other users of direct selling without first introducing myself properly (personal branding). And twitter is a personal branding tool for current most powerful in the world of social media.

3. Linkedin

With LinkedIn, you can introduce yourself, both personal quality to the quality of work. You will be taken to meet with people who are a profession with you and even with those high education or domiciled within their respective owners. That is why Linkedin into the right site to help personal branding and also explore your products. I might say, Linkedin is a professional website.

4. Flickr / Photobucket

Flickr / photobucket can be used as a place to store your product images or photos of work. Use the tag or a name that fits with your product that will most likely be sought by many people. In addition, two sites also provides storage and bandwidth (nearly) infinite, then allows us to save the picture despite the large scale product images.

5. Youtube

Make a presentation of both animation and video and upload it here Youtube. Youtube site often becomes a search for people who prefer the visual motion. There have been many proven, quick fame skyrocketed because people use YouTube as a place of expression.

6. Slideshare

If you have other forms of presentation (product) either in the file Pdf or Ppt, then the SlideShare site this could be a good place to raise product. With this site, make it easier for people to upload or download the presentation (product) you. And SlideShare also provides many facilities to establish a wider network.

7. HargaTeman

This site is created for (and can) be used as a gathering place of the product owners who wish to market their products for free. Sites created by this UI students have a complete feature. You can enter a lot of products and establish relationships with other product owners. HargaTeman.Com is extremely lightweight and flexible, and fast in uploading product.

Mantra of the internet is: FREE, PERFECT, NOW. Use the Free to achieve Perfect profit and Now!.

Stay Creatives.

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