Games Design Document

For a games developer, always need this canvas as a guideline. Games creation process need framework, so it’s more structural for build the games. What people who need to know about this? Games Developer, Games Creator, and also people who want to hire or want to make a games. This is an example Games Design Document. A template with some hints on how to get started.

Add the name of your game here…

Short Description
Describe the game in three or four sentences…

Game Type/Genre
What sort of game is this? A puzzle game, platform game, etc…

What is the setting of the game…

Long description
Tell the story of the game, a high level walkthrough in words of characters, locations, tasks etc. that the player will encounter as they progress through the game…

Game System
What rules does the game implement? What objects need to be defined, what events need to be raised, and what actions are fired for each event? It may be useful to break the objects down into subcategories – player character, ‘non-player characters’ (e.g. ‘monsters’), room objects (walls, doors), scoring/health objects (treasure, fuel pellets, first aid kits etc.), controller objects etc.

Narrative Structure
How is the story structured? Draw the plotline using a graph to show how major story events are connected to each other…

Game Play
Describe the mechanics of how the player actually plays the game; include a subsection describing the user controls and how these relate to user actions (keyobard/gamepad controls).

Room Map
How are the rooms structured or ordered? Provide a map of the ‘physical layout’ of game world showing how different physical locations or rooms are ordered and/or connect to each other.

Title and Information Screens
Describe the organisation and navigation structures surrounding the ‘non-game’ pages:the title page, the end game page, the help page, high score page…

Audio Requirements
What are the audio requirements of the game? Background music, alert sounds for particular events or actions, general backbround noise?

You can use this Games Design Document to add some requirement for your games before build it. With small edit you can use this Games Design Document as a work time line also framework.



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