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After introducing Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal and Spain’s national team) as Ambassador Biskuat Champion, Kraft Food Indonesia using the same brand, held a donation program to help millions of children around the world. Biskuat use the Games as a medium of interaction to absorb donations.

Concept Games for donations is used to absorb more of the donations so that more can be donated. Biskuat provide funds for 1 jt dollars to donate. Why Games? Eager to take the children in all parts of Indonesia to become more involved in this mission. Teach awareness of other children who need it more in other parts of the world.

According to WHO data, released in 2010, child mortality penetrate up to 22 000 child deaths each day. With this program, Biskuat trying to bring awareness and teach children to children in the world. Obviously with the Fun!. However, there is one rule that is very good at Kraft Foods. That all the brands Kraft Foods not permitted to create something that is addictive (addictive) in children. All this, and including these games.

Fabregas Free Kick, the name of these games. Games that will be integrated into a facebook page (Facebook Apps) this can only be played on Facebook. Target launch of these games is May 1. And a little example of the movement of making these games can be seen below this Youtube link

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