Beautiful Butterfly


Once a WORM, then a COCOON, now a BUTTERFLY.

Adaptations, ajustments, CHANGEs, modification, accomodating present new RULES of business, all are the very SPIRITs of entrepreneurship. There never are any static-and-firm things in business; we CHANGE, we adapt, we DO THINGS the way our circle most likely to accept it.

The economic turmoil in Indonesia posed a new treat to our business, but then again it also creates new opportunities. They said that we can not do nomore busines, and i said: That is BULLSHIT!  There are collapsing businesses, shinking ones, eroding ones, suffering ones, but LIFE GOES ON, and as a FIRM BELIEVER that HUMAN have enermous QUALITY OF ADAPTATION, i think those that can be ADAPTIVE can SURVIVE BETTER than the rest.

The entrepreneurs must LEARN from the MOTHER NATURE:

Being adaptive like a BAMBOO tree, bending as the wind blows hard. Like the WATER, that formed itself like the form of the container, spreading to every possible holes and tiny places, ajusting its flow, and never stop. Like the SNAKE that can change its skin when neccessary.  Facts said that entrepreneurs did better under preassures, and the preassures are enermous nowadays.

Try NEW things, INVEST new ventures, DO new JOBS, make new JOINT VENTURES, and TAKE THE RISKs, it is TIME TO BEND, CHANGE, and FIGHT ON. Forget regularities, forget the old rules, closed your shop if neccessary, teardown the buildings, sleep all day, go to Himalaya, move to Bali, sell your dollars, move to the village and be a FARMER, or be a FISHERMAN, take that SILLY HARLEY DAVIDSON RIDES, JUST do SOMETHING that u think is better with this economic conditions.

After a time of cocooning, who knows that we might all become beautiful BUTERFLIES.


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